A picture is worth 1000 words...

You are competing in a society skimming through visual and information overload. You have nano seconds to tell your story.

Majoring in Photography and Visual Design, Kimberly Skillin Traina received a BA from Southeastern Massachusetts University over 35 years ago.  In her career as a graphic designer, her photography helps communicate concepts by telling the clients' story with compelling images.

"Capturing the true essence of the story that wants to be told through photography has always energized my creative juices..."

Clients Talk...

"I just wanted to thank you again for your talents in putting together the photo collage and adding such powerful images to the Powerpoint.  Both added a great deal to the evening. The presentation was a success by all accounts and was attended by 35+ people who asked lots of great questions  -- a sure sign that the message hit it’s mark."
James Marc-Aurele, MBA, OTR/L; Midcoast Hospital



"I love photographing people in their natural state of being.

I much prefer candid shots, capturing the essence of a person, watching, waiting for the moment when they are least aware, and show true emotion.”


"I am passionate about visual storytelling...traveling to new places or looking at the familiar with new eyes...capturing the light, a mood, the landscape, or an experience..." 


"For many years, I created and exhibited my photography as an art form. Over the course of my career as both a photographer and designer, my
process has evolved from creating things by hand and developing images in the darkroom, to creating on the
computer. As much as technology has opened a whole new world of creative tools, I still love working with my hands.

In 2011, I started painting with soft pastels.  I love the intensity of the color, the ability to layer, and the feel of the medium as I work the pastels with my fingers."

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