Your visual identity is the first and primary touchpoint with your is the frame of reference by which your products and services are judged. Today’s society is skimming through visual and information overload; we are bombarded with thousands of products vying for our attention. Mediocre won't cut through the competition. Great design captures attention and distinguishes you from the pack. 

Make an impression...make it clear...make it count.

Simple.  Memorable.  Credible.  Timeless.  Appropriate.  Distinct. 

Using intuition and innovation, a good designer reveals the essence of your story utilizing color, shape, symbol, and typeface to establish your image.

Compelling photography can be key to evoking a response, making a connection and communicating your message clearly. 

Distinguish your company from your competitors. Establish quality, expertise, integrity and trust through carefully chosen words, testimonials and professional design.

Seed a new idea from the beginning or revitalize and breathe life into an existing business to ensure it’s survival. Nourish it to stay strong.



Your most important branding tool.

Color, shape, symbol, typeface    capture what makes your company
unique and allows it to be quickly identified.

Make an impression...make it clear...make it count.


Don't underestimate the power of print.

A brochure can be more effective than any other marketing asset because it’s immediate. It can intrigue new prospects to learn more about you, drive them to your website, and is something tangible, not only to remember you by, but to pass on to another referral.


In today's digital world, potential customers search the web or ask a trusted source for a referral. The first place a referral will go to substantiate a business, or to learn more, is your website.

Stand out with compelling photography and applicable content.

Tell your story.

Educate, engage, invite. 

Clients Talk...

" Kim Traina brings such a wonderful approach for marketing and advertising. She knows how to ask questions of her clients to bring out the essence of their business. Kim likes to think and bring a client outside the box of the routine ways for marketing so that they and their company stand out. The cards     and brochure you designed really capture me."    
- Maggie Pierce, Consultant

"Kim is amazing. She is able to take a concept, understand the desired outcome and create something magical and potent.  I rely on her judgement and respect her recommendations.  She is dependable around deadlines and turns cartwheels for us.”              - Pam Gormley, Executive Director, Skidompha Library

"Kim is a great collaborator, and delightful to work with. She respects her clients, listens carefully and always identifies cost-effective ways to deliver big impressions. She's very talented, and has a wonderful sense of humor!"  
- Sally Bates, Executive Director, Seashore Trolley Museum

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Every business, established or new, benefits from an infusion of energy, a spark of insight...

jumpstart your business to the next level.